Estate Planning

It is human nature to want to avoid the conversation of one’s own death.  Regardless of the value of your worldly possessions, if you don’t have an estate plan, then you are leaving your life’s work and loved ones in the hands of the courts.

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If someone you care about has become incapacitated, and can no longer manage their affairs, New York State offers the option of Guardianship under Article 81.  There are different scenarios where this option is helpful for managing decisions and finances.

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Probate is the process where a person’s Last Will and Testament is approved by the Surrogate Court.  It proves to any party or organization involved in a person’s estate (banks, government, real estate agents) that the Will has gone through scrutiny and due process.

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Real Estate Law

Buying a home is often referred to as “The American Dream.”  But without proper assistance from an experienced Real Estate lawyer, that process can become a nightmare.

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Will Contest

Our veteran lawyers, John Robshaw and Jeffrey Voelkl, have extensive experience in estate planning and litigation. Their decades of combined experience in drafting wills, settling estates and litigating probate conflicts.

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At Robshaw & Voelkl, we offer efficient, cost effective separation and/or divorce services.  We are a good fit for people who, despite the failure of their relationship, are committed to bringing the marriage to a reasonable conclusion.

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Business Law

The team at Robshaw & Voelkl approaches matters of business law with the same personalized care we give to individuals.  Ours isn’t a “transactional approach” – one in which we take on limited tasks without regard to the big picture.

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